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Edward Norton Talks Rounders 2 On Late Show with David Letterman

Tags: David Letterman, Edward Norton, poker movie, Rounders 2.
Posted on Wednesday, December 03, 2014 by "T".

Many people would agree that Rounders is the best poker movie to date. In 2009, David Levien - one of the writers of Rounders, said in a interview that he had started writing down ideas for a follow-up, which made lots of fans around the world both glad and hopeful. However, fans had to wait until late 2013 before it was officially announced that the classic film from 1998 would be getting a sequel.

Updates on Rounders 2 have been few ever since last year's announcement. The fact is that the movie is still listed as "in development" on IMDB. Well, while we are waiting eagerly for further information... make sure to check out the interview from last month with Edward Norton on Late Show with David Letterman. Norton was on the "‘Late Show" to talk about his new movie Birdman, but that didn't stop Letterman from asking questions about Rounders 2.

"I think there is a possibility of it. Yeah, we couldn't have had more fun making that movie. That was one of the best gangs of people ever. We did it right on the cusp of what became kind of the resurgence of the poker phenomenon [referring to the poker boom*]. Matt and I talked later...we should have negotiated like a five-percent rake on every poker pot that was played after that. Then we could have made the film with our money," Norton told David Letterman.

* In 2003, amateur Chris Moneymaker turned $39 (online satellite) into $2.5 million by winning the World Series of Poker Main Event and the so-called ‘poker boom' was a fact. According to Moneymaker, Rounders inspired him to learn no-limit Texas Hold'em - just like it did for many other people all over the globe.

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6 comments for "Edward Norton Talks Rounders 2 On Late Show with David Letterman "

 doubletop77712/3/2014 10:16:46 AM GMT
I am really looking forward to watching this sequel and if it is half as good as the first one, we are in for a treat. Definitely the greatest poker movie ever made and i hope that the sequel doesnt disappoint
 klash2312/3/2014 11:09:23 AM GMT
Rounders is a pretty good film and I can't think of any poker film that is better.
It sounds like the issue is about raising the money to make it which is surprising as I would have thought it would be easy to raise a few million from some of the top poker players and get them involved or maybe do some kind of advertising deal with a poker firm.
 RoninHarper12/3/2014 8:21:22 PM GMT
G'day mates

Well I personally am not a fan of Edward Norton at all.
I hated his character in rounders.
Would have liked to have seen them kill off his character in the original film.
I did like the movie Rounders overall and would like to see a sequel.
To bad Norton has to be in it again.
 bowie198412/3/2014 10:35:06 PM GMT
Cool, cool, cool.
He knows nothing about a sequel cuz there isn't one in the making.
Hes movie carrier is in the sink, hes popularity all time low, theres really no reason to chew on this.
Even damn John Malkovich is better off, so does John Torturro.
 demodawggy12/3/2014 11:58:11 PM GMT
I watch Letterman every night if I don't fall asleep on the couch... Sleepy Been a fan since day 1 way back in the early '80s...!

It would be interesting to see that interview! I'll keep an eye out..!

It'll be interesting to see how things go when Stephen Colbert takes over in January...! Big fan of his too...! Thumbs Up
 bowie198412/4/2014 1:34:37 AM GMT
Posted by demodawggy:
It would be interesting to see that interview! I'll keep an eye out..!

Demo, theres a youtube video in the initial post which shows you the whole interview.

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