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Sky Poker Review & Bonus Details

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Sky Poker free £10 tourney token no deposit bonus

£10 tourney token FREE bonus

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Traffic: Bonuses/Loyalty:
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Sky Pokerreview overviewOverview
SkyPoker is a part of the British Sky Broadcasting Group which is one of largest, or perhaps the largest, Media and Telecommunications companies in the UK. They offer satellite broadcasting, broadband and telephony services and also online betting, casino, poker and bingo. With more than 10 million subscribers in UK and Ireland, one would assume that they could become a descent competitor in the online gaming industry as well.

SkyPoker is one of the most popular poker rooms in the UK and Ireland but is also a fast growing international poker room, especially in central Europe. Sky as a TV broadcasting provider has also a great impact on their online gaming products. As for their poker product, Sky offers the Sky Poker TV (Sky Channel 865) where you can have your hands reviewed. SkyPoker also offers a very active poker community where you can chat as well as enjoy a number of forums and poker blogs.

SkyPoker was first launched in 2006 and has grown out of their UK focused market and managed to become a recognized poker room in most of Europe. SkyPoker is licensed by the Alderney Gambling Control Commission and therefore offers a safe and secure gaming environment. SkyPoker does not accept U.S players. 
Sky Poker software reviewSoftware
SkyPoker are using their own poker software developed by Orbis Technology. It is available in both a downloaded version as well as a web based client. This means that you may enjoy their poker product without having to install any software, unless you wish to. The first impression of the lobby gives a clear and simple overlook on whatís on offers in terms of games, tournaments and current promotions but also a direct link to the other gaming products like casino, betting and bingo. You can also locate blogs and forums from within the client. The software is very easily navigated and you will not have any problems in finding a suitable table to join.

The SkyPoker software offers some nice features such as avatars to add to your poker profile and a notes feature to keep track of your opponents. You can also easily access your hand history and your game statistics so you can review and improve your play. A free play option is available for the new poker player so they can learn and get comfortable with the software without risking losing any real money before they master the software.

SkyPoker offers a pretty low number of poker game variations. You may play Holdem, Omaha and Omaha Hi/Lo but perhaps they will add more game variations in the future. 
Sky PokertrafficreviewTraffic
SkyPoker is still a medium sized poker room and by having their own independent software keeps the number of players pretty low in comparison to the biggest poker networks in the industry. However, it is worth to notice that the number of players during peak hours already compete with larger poker networks that hold a greater number of poker rooms.

Most of the traffic on SkyPoker is tournaments players that are attracted to the large selection of guaranteed tournaments and obviously the chance to be playing on TV. The ring game traffic is increasing and you will not have any problems in finding some good poker action at any time of the day. The highest chance in finding a decent high stake cash table is in the evening.

Due to the fact that Sky holds more than 10 million satellite subscribers and the fact that the poker room is more aggressive in their marketing activities, there is no doubt that SkyPoker will become one of the strongest competitors of the UK and European poker market. 
Sky PokeropponentsreviewOpponents
SkyPoker holds most variations of the player pool; there is plenty of fish that derives from the large customer base of Sky TV that wants to give poker a try and this attracts the sharks to swim in the same waters. The overall impression of the opponents at SkyPoker is still fairly low. There has been some increasing appearance from known UK poker players in recent years so donít be surprised if you find yourself at the same table as Julian Thew and others.

SkyPoker will satisfy most player types in terms of competition. You will be able to find what you are looking for, whether itíll be a brutal battle or a more of some good poker entertainment to pass the time. 
Sky PokerTournamentsreviewTournaments
SkyPoker are known for hosting some very popular guaranteed tournaments. Among the good selection of guaranteed tournaments you will find prize pools ranging from £25 up to £25,000. There are a lot of televised tournaments available at SkyPoker which adds another dimension of excitement to the tournament play; the chance to play on TV.

SkyPoker host live poker events such as the Sky Poker Tour which has a total of more than £250,000 in the prize pool. You may qualify for this tour online by participating in a good selection of satellites. SkyPoker also offer their players to win live tournament packages to larger poker events such as the WSOP.

SkyPoker offer the most popular types of tournaments like Sit-N-Go, freerolls, single and multi-tables and satellites. 
Sky Poker cashgames reviewCashgames
The cash games available at SkyPoker are available in Holdem, Omaha and Omaha Hi/Lo. Like most other poker rooms you will find the Holdem tables to be the most popular. The stakes range from low to high and the best chance in finding a good cash game is during the evenings. 
Sky PokerreviewBonuses/Loyalty
When you play at SkyPoker, on any loyalty level, you will earn player points by playing cash games and tournament play. The points you earn from tournament play depends on the buy-in. You will earn 10 Poker Points for every £1 in entrance fees paid, for example, if you enter a £10 + £1 tournament, the £10 is your contribution to the prize fund and the additional £1 is the "fee" that you pay. This means in this example that you will earn 10 Bonus Poker Points. All loyalty points earned will be credited to your account at the end of each hand or tournament and can be viewed by going to 'My Account'. You can use your hard earned Poker Points to enter certain Multi Table Tournaments.

SkyPoker has a loyalty program which is based on the poker points system. You are welcome to join their Priority Club as soon as earn at least 10,000 poker points per month. The membership gives you access to wide range of exclusive offers and other benefits. 
Sky Poker transactions reviewTransactions
As a major poker room, you will not have any problems in finding a suitable method for your banking. SkyPoker accepts all major payment methods. These include Credit/Debit cards, e-wallets and e-vouchers. You will also be able to use a number of different regional bank transfer soluitions. 
Sky Poker support reviewSupport
SkyPoker offers a very professional customer care approach where you, as a customer, feel very appreciated. SkyPokerís customer service is available 24/7 and you may contact them by live chat, e-mail or phone. They also have a very good FAQ page where you can resolve the most common issues that might occur. 


User Reviews

Average rating based on 24 user reviews:
Add your own review.

Gerimantas Friday, May 12, 2017
I remember i registered for sky poker because there was some no deposit bonus and some extra promotions and this time when I was looking for new room to play and i used this offer. What I like about sky poker that thus room is part of sky group which is big business in united kingdom and this means that this is a bery safe room to play to deposit your money and keep bigger money in account. Maybe players amount is not the biggest but there are enough tournament to pick from and cash games at kower buyins always available.
Editke46 Sunday, May 22, 2016
I will never spend another penny on Sky Poker. I have never experienced such bad beats. You can bet your life that you can have the winning cards and some fish goes all in with nothing and wins on the river. Also if you even dare to withdraw your winnings from your account you are guaranteed to be dealt the crappiest cards ever or have strong cards like AA, KK and still lose to duff cards. You can pretty much guess what is coming down every single hand. It is so obviously fixed that it's embarrassing.
vaci38 Friday, April 29, 2016

Sky Poker is a member of a large family that has many kinds of gambling poker , bingo , sports bets , horse beting and what is most interesting to you live can watch while you play poker with the poker TV channel and transmitted live , as well as other poker sites provide a bonus for registration which is 10 pounds for free play poker , have a 200% bonus on the first deposit that must be due within 30 days of playing and winning points it is a small requirement for these couples have points for loyalty , payment and disbursement is in pounds and here mostly play poker Englishmen , at the end of the month willow big freeroll in the amount of 5000 pounds for you to play on it you have to win by 50 points a week.
Cash games:7/10

pajalnick Saturday, November 21, 2015
Software - 4/10
Opponent quality - 7/10
Traffic - 5/10
Bonuses/Loyalty -9/10
Cash games - 7/10
Tournaments - 6/10
Support - 9/10
Transactions - 9/10
This room is generally the most common small room that is not significantly different from similar small rooms. software is quite normal for small rooms and enthusiasm did not cause. for very loyal players this room may serve than pleasant for the game but for me personally, did not like it. New players can get a no deposit bonus but ...This bonus is only available for customers from the following countries: United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.Here's a story of this cheerless room. course for players from the UK and this room can enjoy but for me there is no excuse
canecorzo86 Friday, October 02, 2015
Software - 4/10
Opponent quality - 7/10
Traffic - 5/10
Bonuses/Loyalty -9/10
Cash games - 7/10
Tournaments - 6/10
Support - 9/10
Transactions - 9/10

Sky Poker is quite Chambers respect ago when I say this I am referring especially to software that during the game you create certain problems enough to make you lose control at the tables . Understanding otherwise even if players are not very many compared to other platforms and find all kinds weakest well advanced, good luck at the tables.
legionarul24 Saturday, September 26, 2015
With a look somewhat seriously, or at least it tries to prove, SkyPoker presents pretty good first impression with a webpage acceptable where several characters in poker, the menu in the application of computer has many minuses at issue by the software. The appearance of the tables though lacking active on the market since two thousand six, you think it would be somewhat presentable but not so. Bonus it's not too impressive either, just five pounds but an impressive welcome bonus that draws you immediately on this poker room of 2x2500 pounds.
klash23 Friday, March 20, 2015
If I had been writing this review a few months ago my rating would have been far higher than todays' average.One of the more appealing factors in Sky poker was that it had its very own TV channel with live shows and was probably the only place you could watch your tournament or cash game virtually live,.You could get immediate analysis from poker presenters and well known players like Neil Channing,Julian Thew and DTD owner Rob Yong.The TV channel closed and now will probably be an internet based channel.
A great poker community and excellent forum for new players but the software is not great,maybe one of the worst, and traffic and choice of tournaments are very limited.Cash games are more available and I would guess because of the TV channel the average ability of the recreational players is slightly better than usual.
New things are happening at the site and after the success of the UKPC and the close relationship with DTD there will be sponsored tournaments on TV and strategy guides etc on Youtube.
Sky poker is for UK based players only so if you want to get involved with a poker community this is a good place to be.Promotions are very good and cater for all players and they definitely are good to loyal players.If you just want to grind at the poker cash tables then this is not the best site out there.
I have to say that if you have any problems with Sky poker the support is excellent with many ways to get in touch at all times.Security is good and deposit/withdrawal options are excellent.
Software - 4/10
Opponent quality - 7/10
Traffic - 5/10
Bonuses/Loyalty -9/10
Cash games - 7/10
Tournaments - 6/10
Support - 9/10
Transactions - 9/10
bowie1984 Tuesday, March 10, 2015
SKY Poker is part of the evergrowing, everchanging SKY brand - they are offering multiple options to entertain yourself and they are focusing heavily on the UK market (be aware there is a good list of european countries which restricted from registering!).
Their website allows you to bet on sports, play casino and bingo games and make money on cards via poker. They operate their own network and their own software - both need a lot of tweaking IMO - very far from perfection.
Still if you looking for inexperienced players and you don't get worked up easily on bugs and lags or a less than mediocre vip and a higher than should be rake system then start playing here.
Skpmorita Tuesday, February 24, 2015
i dont usually like independant softwares
but i gotta say that SKY poker did an outstanding job with their software
simplicity is the key
SKY not that famous in terms of poker .. so their traffic cannot be compared with 888 or stars
but if you are like me looking for smaller fields , this is the site for you
their promitions are nice , they will help new players who are looking for nice offers
support not that decent , they lack the human touch , all their answers seems scripted so that make it hard to explain to them your specific problem
anyway SKY POKER is an average site in my book but it is worth trying
holzkopf13 Wednesday, January 07, 2015
Sky pokeris my favorite poker room specialed for players from the united kingdoms. in my opinion this is no poker room for big " sharks" the bonus offers are nice and usefull but the new player bonus is only for players from the united kingdoms and so on thats not that good. the software is nice and running very well. everything you need is inside and easy to find. all player skills from newbies to professionellplayer are there but it shouldn`t be that hard to make some money. finaly i would tell my friends this poker room because i like it.
GtodaM001 Sunday, December 14, 2014
Well it sounds like this is another one of those sites out there that is worth checking out. At the same time you may run into that low traffic situation. There is not a lot of things more frustrating out there than when tournaments end up getting cancelled while you are waiting to get started. The only thing that is more frustrating is maybe finaly starting the tournament with pocket kings and getting raised all in pre-flop just to get ejected from the tournament from some donk who has 9 4 O/S. Take Care all.
bugarin11 Friday, December 05, 2014
SkyPoker is one of the most popular poker rooms in the UK and Ireland but is also a fast growing international poker room, especially in central Europe.They don't accept US Players; however still obtain over 7,000 unique users per day.They also give new players £10 worth of tokens without even making a deposit.As you might expect from a company as large as Sky, customer service is first class. The fast responses to emailed enquiries are often the best way to find answers to your questions.Overall i give Sky Poker 7/10
qwertolog Monday, November 03, 2014
Sky Poker is the only poker to their games, they play players from around the world, transmitted live via his private television station Sky Poker TV, which is located in the UK.
Sky Poker poker except there's more and sky bingo and betting sky and it's all on one account, that is, you do not need to make more care than with one account you can use poker, bingo and betting.
Sky Poker has an excellent school for beginners and those who want to learn more about poker rules.
Sky Poker gives £ 10 for all new players who make a first deposit.
Large selection of tournaments and stngo tables as well as freerolls can be found at Sky Poker room.
Support is active and helpful in every time when you need them.
BubbleGumTrb Wednesday, August 06, 2014
Sky poker is a very nice site, the software is very good looking with awesome design and graphics! The traffic is not that high, but it isn't low either! At peak hours there are many players online filling up the cash tables! Their support team is outstanding and they will help you with your issue in a matter of minutes, and they are also very friendly! There are also a lot of fish on this site so that's another reason to play here!

Software : 8/10
Opponents : 10/10
Tournament : 8/10
Traffic : 8/10
Cashgame : 8/10
Bonuses/Loyalty :9/10
Transactions : 9/10
Support : 9/10

Mipetin Sunday, July 27, 2014
I have been playing at Sky Poker for a while and i think it is extremely good site. The program is great and you can choose between browser play and downloading the software. There is a lot of fish at the sea, but thats just a good thing Tongue Cashing out and depositing uses all of the common methods so it is easy. I would recommend this site.

Software : 7.5/10
Player : 6/10
Games : 7/10
Loyalty programs/bonuses : 8/10

So.. What are u waiting for. Just go there and stars playing ! You don't have to even make a deposit you can start with free 10£.
hazeform Friday, July 11, 2014
Sky Poker is a part of the British Sky Broadcasting Group (BSY) and has its
own channel broadcasting 24 hours a day—channel 861
You can play in the browser based version or a downloadable poker client.
Short time ago they also launched their beta version mobile software.
Soft competition many promos and a good support
Bad is the low/medium level of traffic
Sky Poker is not the best poker room but good enough
to give it a try

Software - 7/10
Opponents - ?/10
Traffic - 5/10
Bonuses/Loyalty - 7/10
Cashgames - 6/10
Tournaments - 6/10
Support - 8/10
Transactions - ?/10
ddblt1970 Saturday, January 18, 2014
Software: 8 / 10
Opponents: 8 / 10
Tournament: 7 / 10
Cashgames: 7 / 10
Bonuses / Loyalty: 7 / 10
Transactions: 8 / 10
Support: 9 / 10

This is actually a pretty good site worth trying!
Mozhaar Thursday, September 12, 2013
Sky Poker reward their loyal customers in a number of ways, the most prolific method being Poker Points. At the time of writing, each new customer gets 500 points instantly credited into their account which they can buy into real money tournaments with.

Player points are subsequently earned while you play, tournaments offer 10 points for every £1 in entrance fees paid, the cash tables earn you between 2 and 30 points for every 20 raked hands.

Be part of a very winnable monthly poker league where the top 10 finishers share a £2,000 prize fund

Every week the top 150 players are given entry into a private £500 freeroll just for them.

Qualify for the Sky Poker UK tour only at Sky Poker. At the time of writing Sky were running a series of offline tournaments at 6 of the UK's most prestigeous venues, leading to a televised grand final with a £25,000 guaranteed prize pool.
pochui Wednesday, June 12, 2013
well this is a very very trusted brand with a solid financial backbone- this is a plus if you want to play for bigger stakes or plan to become a poker shark Smile whole host of promotions: new players rewards (deposit bonus & free money!), sky poker tour- live series sponsored by sky poker with exclusive satellites running, happy hours and lots more. also very amusing offer they have is tv tables- if you sit on special tv tables your table might be chosen to be seen on one of sky poker tv, even with expert analysis of the table play possible!
mirexxx Sunday, May 12, 2013
Sky Poker is one of the fastest growing UK poker site.
Sky Poker has some fantastic tournaments to choose from and Sky Poker are the only poker site where you can watch all the action unfold from many of these tournaments live on Sky Poker tv channel!
They don't accept US Players; however still obtain over 7,000 unique users per day.
No need to download Sky Poker uses either Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox to run, your web browser uses Flash technology.
You might as well put your money on the lotto or play bingo cos you have far more chance of winning than you have playing poker on this site,,
As you might expect from a company as large as Sky, customer service is first class. The fast responses to emailed enquiries are often the best way to find answers to your questions.

Cash games:8/10
stephensange Monday, December 24, 2012
Well were do I start skybet are such a great poker site because of there freerolls and sitngo tournaments that are perfectly laid out. They also offer other services such as betting, sky vegas along with there well orientated poker tables. Were they cater for all money with cash games ranging from 1cent up to hundreds I have not experienced the higher tables myself but in the future hope to get a chance to. I would personally give skypoker a 10 out of 10 as I have been doing so well in there freerolls but as you can imagine full off players of all ability
godlike666 Sunday, November 25, 2012
Average at best, again i have to say i don't like poker sites with a low traffic. Low traffic means not big guarantee tournaments and not much action. That's why it's not my thing but some people do like it and if you like it then this poker is not too bad , the software is decent and the players are generally bad , so making money over here shouldn't be too hard. The micros are so soft and loose that you can make easy money by playing abc poker tight aggressive, they will pay you off with bad hands.
damosk Saturday, November 24, 2012
I have played at Sky Poker on and off for about two years now and while the graphics are pretty good, the options for games is somehwat limited in my opinion. In some games, as the player traffic is relatively low compared to some other sites, there is a long wait for the sng's to start. In tournaments there is a real mixed bag of player type which adds to the challenge as you never quite know what or who you are up against, which makes a good grounding for your overall strategy development. Overall a pretty good site but would benefit from more players, but suppose struggles with tyhe poker platform players due to its international forum of being SKY!
dilbo99 Saturday, November 10, 2012
Sky poker is a site I have just started playing on and as a United Kingdom player i love it, you have the chance to appear on sky tv as they show action from different tables during the day and not just the high limit tables.
The software is pretty good and runs fast with not much lag or glitches.
The traffic is average but you shouldn't really really struggle to find a game, I would say at the low limits it is mainly recreational players which makes for some loose games.
They also give new players £10 worth of tokens without even making a deposit.
Overall i wold give Sky Poker a decent 7/10.

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